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Presidents Goals 2005-2006

1.     Increase the membership access to CRCE

        Assist the WSRC Districts Repís on how to acquire CRCE from the AARC

        Work with the Webmaster in providing Education Links that provide the membership with connection to AARC CRCE page.

        Work with national vendors as resources for CRCE

2.     Encourage the WSRC to be more visible during Respiratory Care Week and though out the year. Keep WSRC visible during other Lung Health Events.

        Work with the Public Relation Committee

        Goal is a minimum of one public relation member in each district

3.   Work with the NRRCC in its development of 2006 convention in Duluth.

4.   Work on the Membership Committee to meet its goals.

5.        Work with the Vice President in the production and development of the WSRC Newsletter and Website.

6.        Monitor the progress of the Affiliate Contract of the AARC with the advice of Joint State Legal Representation and WSRC BOD.

7.   Assist all Committee's on setting goals and objectives for 2005-2006 and assist in meeting those goals.

8.   Increase new manpower within the WSRC officers, board and committee members

9.   Keep WSRC board, officers and committees chairs informed of the executive office and AARC activities and policies.

10.   Utilize and follow the WSRC and NRRCC Bylaws, Standing Rules and the Long Range Planís templates to completing duties.

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