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Have you ever thought about what it takes to keep the Respiratory Care Profession going strong? Now is your chance to become an active participant in the Wisconsin Society for Respiratory Care and a member of the Board of Directors.

W.S.R.C. Nomination Form For 2004
(Print this form out to mail it, or submit it electronically online. )
Desired Office
 President-Elect  Vice President Treasurer
 District # Rep
Nominee Information
Name of Nominee:
Address of Nominee: 
City & Zip
Phone number of Nominee (Daytime)
Signature of Nominee: 
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email address.)
Active AARC Member’s support (signature): 
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email address.)
Nominee’s Biography (Mandatory):
1.      Name and Credentials: 
2.        AARC/WSRC Tenure:
3.        Current place of employment:
4.        Present Position Held: 
5.        Past & Present WSRC Activity:
6.        Education:
7.        Nominee’s Reason/Interest 
        for Position:
8.        Issues to be addressed by WSRC Board of Directors: 
9.        What does it mean to you to be an AARC/WSRC member?
Additional Comments


For additional comments please write on the reverse side or attach separate sheets of paper,

(or if using the electronic form, submit additional comments via email  to: oleachy@execpc.com )

  Barb O’Leary
3838 S. 35th Street
 Milwaukee WI 53221           
 or e-mail to:  oleachy@execpc.com or  Angela_Dittman@Aurora.org

 All Nominations must be postmarked no later than January 10, 2004.  Any questions call (262) 970-7190 6 p.m., or leave a message.

Nominations are open from December 1, 2003 to January 11, 2004 for the WSRC offices listed below. The President-Elect office is a 2-year term. (First year as President-Elect and the second year as President). The Vice-President, Treasurer, and Districts 1 (Northwest), 3 (Northeast), and 5 (South Central) offices are each two (2) year terms. The Alternate Delegate, Secretary, and Districts 2 (North Central), 4 (Southwest), and 6 (Southwest) will be serving the second year of their two (2) year term, therefore nominations for Alternate Delegate, Secretary and Districts 2,4, and 6 will not be open for nomination this year.

The qualifications for office are as follows:

1. Nominee must be an active member of the AARC.
2. Nominee must be nominated by an active member of the AARC.
3. Nominee must also sign the nomination form.

Candidates may be nominated for only one office per election. Nominations will close January 11,2004 The President-Elect will serve June 1,2004 to May 31,2006. The Treasurer, Vice- President and Districts 1,3, and 5 will serve June 1,2004 to May 31,2006.

Eligibility for District Representative shall be limited to only active AARC members of their District. Please fill out the attached nominations form and return to the address indicated.

Responsibilities and Duties for each Office Open for Nomination

President-Elect: (2 Year Term) Responsibilities include presiding at meetings in which the President is absent, chairing the Budget and Audit Committee with written budget proposals and succession of the President's position in light of a vacancy. Produces the Society newsletter each BOD Meeting.

Vice-President: (2 Year Term) The Vice-President shall be responsible for overseeing the activities of the District Representatives. The Vice-President shall assure that appropriate efforts are made to foster communications with all Respiratory Care Practitioners in the State of Wisconsin. Co-Chairs the Annual Convention.

Treasurer: (2 Year Term) Responsibilities include financial and written reports to the WSRC Board and the AARC, payment of accounts receivable and disbursement of reimbursement to the WSRC members upon receipts.

District Representative: (2 Year Term) Responsibilities include written reports and budget proposals, setting up a communication network for the AARC and having at least two (2) District meetings a year.

Return Nomination forms to:                                                                 
Barb O'Leary 
3838 S. 35th Street 
Milwaukee WI 53221
Or e-mail to:
oleachy@execpc.com or

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